Below are the build notes for v2017R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for the following Qoppa PDF libraries and components.

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Version v2017R1.13 – February 13 2018 
JPDF-1145 – Java Bug: Rotated Images print with black horizontal lines artifacts, especially noticeable because of the strips added when printing. Adding a PDFRenderHints to set the amount of memory used for each strip.

Version v2017R1.12 – January 24 2018 
JPDF-1141 – Document Specific: ArrayOutOfBoundsException when applying text redaction (due to a FormXObject that is painted multiple time on the page)

Version v2017R1.11 – December 22 2017 
PS-4056, PS-4040 – Fix some selection issue on the attachments panel
PS-4032, PS-4063 – Resolve some issues surrounding committing edits for typewriter annotations
JPDF-1131 – Regression: XFDF files with text boxes can not be reimported – XML Parse Exception during parsing of a freetext element at line 0: Attribute “rotation” does not contain a valid value (“0.0″)

Version v2017R1.10 – December 18 2017 
JPDF-1120 – Document Specific: Extract text from a PDF page appears to hang (infinite loop in infinite loop regex matching code?)
JPDF-1115 – Use ToUnicode when extracting text when using Java font program

Version v2017R1.09 – November 29 2017 
JPDF-1119 – Document Specific: Invalid page labels give an arrayindexoutofbound exception

Version v2017R1.08 – November 22 2017 
JPDF-1116 – Fix issue with CalGray color space: background is yellowish instead of white
PS-4011 – REGRESSION: Redaction with no fill color does not redact image below, only redacts text

Version v2017R1.07 – November 16 2017 
Changes to the way PNG and GIF images are handled as a step toward Java 9 support
JPDF-1112 – Do not throw an exception when destinations array is empty
JPDF-1103 – Inverted color artifacts on page after applying redaction on JBIG2 stencil images (preserve stencil images)
JPDF-1100 – Improve jPDFText Sample App and Demo

Version v2017R1.06 – October 11 2017 
JPDF-1087 : Option to not display warning when saving a signed PDF. See PDFNotesBean.showSignWarning(false).

Version v2017R1.05 – October 05 2017
JPDF-1086 – Regression: Default Transparency for Image in SignatureAppearance for Digital Signature custom appearance is completely transparent. The transparency attribute in SignatureAppearance has changed to work in the opposite way as it was in v2016R1. We’re reverting to previous behavior, depreacating SignatureAppearance.setImageTransparency (the method was misnamed) and creating a new method for SignatureAppearance.setImageOpacity.
JPDF-1084 – Internal fix for libraries deriving from jPDFProcess.

Version v2017R1.04 – September 26 2017
JPDF-1065 – Add basic support to add ZUGFeRD invoice attachments to a PDF
JPDF-1082 – Overlapping bookmarks on 4k HiDPI screens in Qoppa PDF components

Version v2017R1.03 – September 09 2017
JPDF-1077 – Duplicate / Repeating form field data for fields that share an appearance stream. Now create a new appearance stream for each field.
PS-3942 – REGRESSION: To close the perimeter properties dialog, you have to click multiple times
PS-3938 – “Missing Resource: Frm” displays in log when importing an image into image field

Version 2017R1.02 – August 29 2017
JPDF-1070 & 1075 – Fix NullPointerException & IllegalComponentStateException on Typewriter caused by Java 1.8u131 new window ordering model
JPDF-1066 – Validation warning when trying to clear a formatted number field that is required
JPDF-3923 – Text box annotation spacing issue when setting the font size to 7 or 8
JPDF-1064 – API Change: Add methods getSignCustomProperty(), getSignContactInfo() to SignatureField

Version 2017R1.01 – August 11 2017
JPDF-1059 – Reply to annotations and grouped annotation now return their own contents instead of parent contents. Also open public API to return Parent Annotations.
JPDF-1051 – When verifying PDF/A compliance, trim metadata entries in dictionary before comparing with meta data to be consistant with other PDF/A validators
JPDF-1045 – Ignore form fields that have invalid types instead of throwing an exception