Q: We have noticed PDF documents edited with jPDFNotes do not show their annotation when rendered in a PDF viewer used by one of our applications. This may be a limitation of the other viewer rather than your component. If this is the case, can your component be configured to render directly onto the underlying document image rather than as a layered annotation?

A: The annotations added by jPDFNotes are fully compliant with the PDF format. They will show in any viewer that supports PDF annotations properly, such as Adobe Reader and many other viewers. There might indeed be an issue with the viewer that you are using.

If you need to have the annotations be part of the content, then yes, jPDFNotes can do this as well. After adding the annotations, you will need to “flatten” them into the content layer, jPDFNotes provides the API to do this. One thing to note though is that once they are part of the content layer, then the annotations are not editable any more, as then they are just regular content.