Below are the build notes for v2022R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert that converts Microsoft Word documents and Excel worksheets to PDF in Java.

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Version v2022R1.02 – September 23 2022
JOFFICE-638 – Convert Word to PDF: Handle Theme Font Languages for Arabic, Asian, etc..
JOFFICE-638 – Convert Word to PDF: Negative positioning of an Image within a Table Cell

Version v2022R1.01 – September 21 2022
JOFFICE-637 – Document Specific – Handle NullPointerException when converting a Word file to PDF
JOFFICE-636 – Word to PDF: Anchored images not positioned correctly due to clipping

Version v2022R1.00 – September 02 2022
Main Release. See v2022R1 Main Release Notes