Below are the build notes for v2022R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Library jOfficeConvert that converts Microsoft Word documents and Excel worksheets to PDF in Java.

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Version v2022R1.12 – Aug 22 2023
JOFFICE-685: Document specific: numbers are cut-off when converting word to PDF

Version v2022R1.11 – Jul 27 2023
JOFFICE-684: Word to PDF conversion – It is missing descriptions for some output PDFs

Version v2022R1.10 – Jul 26 2023
JOFFICE-683: document specific: It is missing table when converting to PDF

Version v2022R1.06 – April 01 2023

JPDF-1994 – Cleanup replacement fonts
Internal maintenance – remove unused imports
Homogenize build number across libraries

Version v2022R1.05 – March 03 2023

JOFFICE-651: Doc Specific – Unable to layout document, measurement code gets stuck on a page
JOFFICE-652: Word to PDF: Font matching to include substitute fonts within WMF / EMF format

Version v2022R1.04 – January 12 2023

JOFFICE-645 – Support for diagonal cell “borders” in Docx to PDF conversion
JOFFICE-644 – Add some support for the legacy/deprecated VML format
JOFFICE-642 – jOfficeConvert JavaDoc : Duplicate classes

Version v2022R1.03 – October 20 2022
JOFFICE-641 – Improve the algorithm to justify text to match newer versions of MS Word when converting Word to PDF and allow less space between words when appropriate to fit more words on a line.

Version v2022R1.02 – September 23 2022
JOFFICE-638 – Convert Word to PDF: Handle Theme Font Languages for Arabic, Asian, etc..
JOFFICE-638 – Convert Word to PDF: Negative positioning of an Image within a Table Cell

Version v2022R1.01 – September 21 2022
JOFFICE-637 – Document Specific – Handle NullPointerException when converting a Word file to PDF
JOFFICE-636 – Word to PDF: Anchored images not positioned correctly due to clipping

Version v2022R1.00 – September 02 2022
Main Release. See v2022R1 Main Release Notes