Qoppa Software hosts a Maven Repository and publishes our Java PDF libraries as artifacts. You can easily use our PDF functionality in your Maven projects and applications with a simple configuration of your pom file.

You will find below Qoppa’s Maven repository information as well as the dependency information for the artifacts published.

Qoppa’s Maven Repository
This is the Qoppa repository configuration / location to specify in your Maven pom.xml :

   <name>Qoppa Software</name>

Then you will need to define the Java API dependency in your pom.xml:

Maven Java dependency for Qoppa Java PDF SDK API 2021R1

Maven Java dependency for Qoppa Java PDF SDK API 2020R2

Alternative to using Qoppa’s Maven Repository: Add jar as a local file

Instead of using Qoppa Software’s Maven Repository, you can also add one of our jar as a local file to your Maven project. So for instance if you wanted to add jPDFEditor as a local jar, you would save the file under a specified system path, such as ${project.basedir}/src/main/resources/ and then add jPDFEditor using the following dependency.