Here is a Java sample program that uses Qoppa’s jPDFText library to determine if a PDF file contains any text content. The method “findTextInPDF” will return true of text was found on any page in the PDF, false if no text was found on any page.

public static boolean findTextInPDF(String absoluteFilePath) throws PDFException, FileNotFoundException, IOException
  boolean containsText = false;
  // create a PDFText object from the PDF loaded from the filepath provided
  InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream(absoluteFilePath);
  PDFText pdfText = new PDFText (inputStream, null);
  // get the number of pages in this PDF
  int pageCount = pdfText.getPageCount();
  // loop through all the pages
  for(int i = 0; i < pageCount; i++)
   // get the text content from the current page 	
   String pageText = pdfText.getText(i); 
   // if the text content is not empty
   if (pageText!=null && pageText.trim().length()>0)
      // set the variable containsText to true
      containsText = true;
  // close the file input stream
  // return
  return containsText;