With PDF Automation Server v2016R1, customers are no longer limited by the predefined jobs available upon installation. Customers can create their own custom job and define their own workflow with all the flexibility provided by Java programming language. Custom jobs also give access to all the advanced PDF functions available in Qoppa’s jPDFProcess PDF library making it possible to inspect or manipulate the PDFs as part of the process.

How to Create your Own Custom Job

Using the Job Creation Wizard, choose “Custom Job” to create a custom job. You then need to edit the job properties and use built in code editor to define the job.

Custom Job Code Samples

Defining your own custom job will require some programming in Java. To get you started, find below a few examples of implementations of custom processes:

Automate text field extraction from PDF into an XML file
Split a PDF and email based on text contained in the PDF
Route a PDF document based on file name
Clear digital signatures in a PDF

We will add more custom processes samples as we go to show how the concept can be extended to process PDF documents based on anything in the documents including meta data or document info, form field data, text content, security or digital signatures contained in the PDF.

Let Us Create a Custom Job for You

If you need help with defining your own custom process, we can do the coding for you. Please contact us using the form found on our PDF consulting page.