Version v2015R2 added a spell checker to Qoppa’s PDF components jPDFNotes and jPDFEditor.

jOrtho Plugin and Licensing

Qoppa Software has modified the jOrtho source to work with some of the custom components in PDFNotesBean / PDFEditorBean.

jOrtho is a commercial library developed by Inet Software that requires licensing. I-net Software is offering a special discount of 30% to Qoppa’s customers so you can order jOrtho for USD $895 instead of USD $1295. Contact so we can give you more details on how to order at this special rate.

Spell Checking What?

PDFNotesBean / PDFEditorBean have been configured to work with the jOrtho spell checker. When turned on, spell check will be performed when typing text:

  • within text annotations: text box, call out, typewriter
  • within annotations comments / notes
  • within interactive form fields: text boxes and combo boxes allowing custom text

Enable Spell Check in jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

In order to enable spell checking functionality, add the modified jar qjortho.jar to the class path and activate / customize spell check using the code below:

// There are many ways to register language dictionaries with
// jOrtho, and multiple languages are supported. See the
// documentation
SpellChecker.registerDictionaries(new File("full_path_to language_dictionary_en.ortho").toURI().toURL(), "en", "en");
// Other features of the jOrtho spell checker can also be
// configured through its API including user defined
// dictionaries and many other options in the
// SpellCheckerOptions class. For example,
// To enable spell checking in the PDFNotesBean, call the following method.
PDFNotesBean.enableSpellChecking(true, false);

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