On Mac OS X, with the newly implementation of Java 1.7 by Oracle, we recommend using the latest build available. Many versions have been released in the last year 2012-2013, with lots of bugs fixes and missing features implemented.

We still know of one issue with text highlight that  affects mostly our components but could also affect conversion to images or printing of PDF documents containing text highlights.

Text highlight will not display perfectly in Java 7 due to an issue with unsupported composite in Java 7 on the Mac, for which the exception log is:

Java.lang.InternalError: not implemented yet
at sun.java2d.opengl.OGLSurfaceData.getRaster(OGLSurfaceData.java:397)
at sun.java2d.pipe.GeneralCompositePipe.renderPathTile(GeneralCompositePipe.java:100)
at sun.java2d.pipe.SpanShapeRenderer$Composite.renderBox(SpanShapeRenderer.java:60)
at sun.java2d.pipe.SpanShapeRenderer.spanClipLoop(SpanShapeRenderer.java:213)

As a temporary fix, we’ve added a small fix that will render an alpha composite instead of a standard highlight so highlights may look less clear. This will only affect the way text markups are rendered in our libraries and components. This will not affect the way text highlights are actually saved in the document. Text highlights will render properly on other computers not running Java 1.7 as well as in any other PDF viewers.