Here is the list of supported actions in Qoppa’s PDF Library and Component Products.

The table below lists the JavaScript actions, where they live in the PDF document and if they are supported or not.


Parent Dictionary Entry Supported/Unsupported
Document Level:
Names (in the Catalog dictionary) JavaScript Supported
Catalog OpenAction Supported
AA (additional actions in the Catalog dictionary) WC (will close) Unsupported
WS (will save) Unsupported
DS (did save) Unsupported
WP (will print) Unsupported
DP (did print) Unsupported
Page Level:
AA (in the Page object dictionary) O (open) Unsupported
C (close) Unsupported
Field Level:
AA (in the Field dictionary) K (keystroke) Supported
F (format) Supported
V (validate) Supported
C (calculate) Supported
Widget Level:
Annotation dictionary A (action) Supported
AA (in the Annotation dictionary) E (mouse enter) Supported
X (mouse exit) Supported
D (mouse down) Supported
U (mouse up) Supported
Fo (focus gained) Supported
Bl (focus lost) Supported
PO (page opened) Unsupported
PC (page closed) Unsupported
PV (page visible) Unsupported
PI (page invisible) Unsupported
Rendition Action JS Unsupported
JavaScript (in the FDF dictionary of the FDF root catalog) Before Unsupported
After Unsupported
AfterPermsReady Unsupported
Doc Unsupported
3D stream dictionary OnInstantiate Unsupported