Q: Sometimes, when sending a PDF document to the printer using Qoppa jPDFPrint library, some pages are printing completely blank or partially blank. Our printer is HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v6.5.0). How can we resolve this problem?

A: We’ve seen a similar issue happen on rare occasions. We do send all of the content to the printer, but somewhere in the middle of printing, some of the document page content gets dropped.

This bug is within the interaction between the printer driver, the operating system and Java. The bug is triggered depending on the very specific page content that is printed. Sometimes just slightly changing the content of the page will resolve the issue.

Suggested Fixes or Workarounds:

Update or Change Driver

One thing to try to confirm this is to print to a different printer that is not the same brand or model.

In most cases, updating the printer driver to the latest version available will resolve the problem.

And since most HP printers support postscript, you can also try using the Postscript driver instead of the PCL driver.

Print PDFs as Images

Qoppa’s jPDFPrint library also offers the option to print the pages of a PDF document as images, see PDFPrint.printAsImage() method.