Q: My customer wants to print PDF documents saved in their SAP system with a batch job silently without opening the file on a workstation.

A: We don’t think that it is possible to print a PDF in SAP directly via spool. But you can print PDF documents using our command line tool jPDFPrintCLI.

Install jPDFPrintCLI on the SAP-server or another server the SAP-server can reach over the network.

Build a batch-file ( “printpdf.bat” ) with 1 row:
“C:\Program Files\jPDFPrintCLI\jPDFPrintCLI.exe” -printer “\\sf_service1\MYPRINTER” “C:\temp\document.pdf”

Create ABAP code, which saves the PDF file as “C:\temp\document.pdf”, executes the batch file and then delete the PDF file.