Question regarding Branding: Can Qoppa’s PDF components be re-branded with our company’s corporate branding? Eg: color themes, logos, icons? Also when running in an applet, can the component be re-signed with our client’s corporate certificate?

Answer: Qoppa’s provides libraries and components that you are free to customize to integrate within your java application and applet.

Our visual components are modifiable and you can add / remove any buttons from the toolbars and change any of the icons to match your company’s color theme or add your own logo.

When running Qopp’s component or libraries in an applet, the applet can be composed of any other components that you may want to add, including logos or text around the component. The applet can also change the look and feel of our visual components.

Question regarding Branding Java signature: Can Qoppa’s jar files be re-signed with our client’s corporate certificate, as end users may not recognize Qoppa software and they have been trained to disallow running applets by unrecognized/unknown vendors.

Answer: We encourage our customers to sign all the jars with their own certificate:

– For the applet jar file, assuming you’re using the applet as is, simply extract the contents of the file, create your own jar file and then sign it with your company’s digital certificate.

– For our library jar file (depending on which library or component the name of the jar varies: jPDF*.jar), we ask that you sign the unsigned jar file that comes with our downloadable demo application.