How can I hide or show side panels / tabs (such as Thumbnails, Bookmarks, Signatures or Comments) in the left split panes in the PDFNotesBean?

Customizing Default Behavior

Use com.qoppa.pdfViewer.InitialViewSettings to customize the default behavior when opening a document. For example, the code below will change the default behavior to open always open the document with the side panels closed, ignoring the document’s setting. The side buttons will still be showing.


InitialViewSettings: This class maps the PDF specs for the initial view. You can only choose which page mode to use. The options are:

  • IPDFDocument.PAGEMODE_USENONE: Neither document outline nor thumbnail images are visible.
  • IPDFDocument.PAGEMODE_USETHUMBS: Thumbnail images visible.
  • IPDFDocument.PAGEMODE_USEOUTLINES: Document outline visible.
  • IPDFDocument.PAGEMODE_USEATTACHMENTS: Attachments panel visible (PDF 1.6 and up).
  • null or empty string, uses PDFViewerBean internal default setting

Customizing Individual Side Panels Behavior

Use com.qoppa.pdfViewer.panels.PDFPanel to programmatically show and hide individual panels, and also to specify which panels are active when a document loads. For example, to never show the signature panel, and not show the “Signature” button on the side, even if the document contains signatures:


Show / Hide Side Panels

This code will show or hide the thumbnail panel based on the value of the Boolean “show”. This is the equivalent of clicking on the “Pages” button on the left of the component. This is for temporary showing or hiding the thumbnail programmatically.

// open the split pane (if it’s closed) and show the thumbnail pane
// close the split pane

Hide Split Pane Temporarily

Use the set split visible method to hide panels and buttons on a given document


Hide Split Pane Permanently

Use the split policy to never show any of the panels or buttons. This method affects all documents: