Q: What look and feel options do you recommend to use with Qoppa’s Swing PDF viewing components?

Tested Look and Feels:

We can recommend the following look and feels. They were made them available as options within our end-user PDF editor called PDF Studio which is based on our PDF components and libraries. PDF Studio is used by thousands of end-users and we have found these look and feels to be solid across platforms, on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  See screenshots of the various java looks and skins.

  • The default OS look and feels for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Substance look and feel: Business, Business Blue Steel, Creme, Creme Coffee, Graphite
  • Nimbus: Blue, Green, Gray, Red
  • Metal

Other Look and Feels:

There are probably other good Java look and feels to integrate but we have not tested them.

Synthethica: An issue was reported by one of our customer with this L&F where interactive text fields don’t work correctly. The input map / action map is done incorrectly, so key strokes like delete, backspace, left, right, home, end don’t work. We reported this to Jyloo Software, the developer, and they are working on improving this behavior.

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