Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server  is an affordable alternative to Adobe LiveCycle on the server Qoppa’s advanced PDF Server provides a complete set of PDF processing and conversion functions that can be accessed through standard REST calls. This standalone user friendly and easy-to-install server can be up and running in just a few clicks! Try Live Rest Calls Demo…

Qoppa’s  jPDFProcess is another affordable alternative to Adobe LiveCycle. This Java library can be used on any server such web server,J2EE server or a standalone server. It can be be integrated within your own document workflow as a PDF processing engine, allowing you to do pretty much anything you ever wanted to do with PDF files. Try jPDFProcess WebStart Demo…

PDF Forms

  • Work with PDF forms in both AcroForm or XFA formats
  • Export fields data as FDF, XML (XFDF) or XDP files
  • Import fields data from FDF, XML (XFDF) or XDP files
  • Flatten form fields
  • Reset fields to their default value
  • Support for barcode fields

Digital Signatures

  • Add new digital signature fields
  • Apply digital signatures on new or existing fields
  • Apply certifying signatures
  • Clear digital signatures


  • Encrypt and decrypt PDF documents
  • Support 40, 128, 256-bit encryption (including aes encryption)
  • Support for timestamp servers
  • Set / remove permissions: Print, Print High Resolution, Copy or Extract Content, Extract Content in Support of Accessibility, Modify the Document, Add / Modify Annotations, Fill Form Fields and Sign
  • Set / remove passwords (Open Password, Master Permissions Password)

Creation / Manipulation

  • Create new PDF documents from MS Word, text, or image files
  • Create searchable document using OCR
  • Add content onto existing or new pages
  • Assemble documents: split, merge, combine documents, remove pages
  • Convert documents to TIFF, JPEG, PNG images
  • Add file attachments, bookmarks
  • Optimize PDF documents

Output / Conversion

  • Extract text content from PDF
  • Convert PDF files to TIFF, JPEG, PNG images
  • Validate & Convert to PDF/X, PDF/A
  • Send PDF files to the printer

Reader Extensions

Standard PDF forms (called Acroforms) do not need to be “reader enabled”  in order to be filled and saved in Adobe Reader XI. Livecyle Dynamic XFA forms continue to require the form to be Reader Extended in order save the form and data in Adobe Reader. Adobe is retiring dynamic XFA forms so it is recommended to use standard Acroforms for portability.

Try Now

To try out all the features above, you can simply download the free demo version of our end-user PDF editor, PDF Studio. This will give you a good sense of the capabilities of Qoppa’s PDF engine.


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