Q: We are currently upgrading all machines to IE11 and JRE 8 u66. Even though we have the latest version of Java, when we select a document to annotate it is redirecting to the Oracle home page.

A: Sometimes, even after installing the latest version of Java, it will still not be recognized in Internet Explorer 11.

• The plugin is not registered in the browser.
• Java did not properly install.

Restart the Internet Explorer browser
1. Close and re-open IE
2. Return to the application page and see if you still see the IE message,
3. If the same message appears, try restarting your system.
4. If the message persists, re-install the latest Java version

Re-install the latest Java version
1. From java.com click on the Free Java Download button
2. On the download page, click Agree and Start Free Java Download
3. If you’ve already installed the version, you will see a message, This software has already been installed on your computer. Would you like to reinstall it?
Click Yes and reinstall Java.

Re-install Internet Explorer
1. From Microsoft.com, click on the Download Internet Explorer 11 button

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