These are all the third party libraries / jars that are used in Qoppa PDF library and component products. They will need to be added to your classpath for specific features to be supported.

Library Description
bcpkix-jdk14-154.jar, bcprov-jdk14-154.jar These jar files contain the Bouncycastle security libraries. They are used to verify and apply digital signatures, if any. bc_license.txt
cmaps.jar This jar file contains CMaps, used to read and display character encodings used with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) content.
jai_imageio.jar , jai_codec.jar These jar files contain Java’s ImageIO image decoders for reading and writing TIFF, JPEG 2000 images.

  • In v2017R1, we have removed the need for these libraries for reading JPEG 2000 images.
  • In v2018R1 and above, when running Java 9 and over,  do not include these libraries. They are no longer required, and in fact would create a compilation error.
rhino.jar This jar file contains the Rhino JavaScript engine, it is necessary to run JavaScript for form field calculation, validation and formatting. rhino_license.txt
barcode4j.jar This jar file contains a generator for barcode, developed by Jeremias Märki. It is necessary to run JavaScript for form field calculation, validation and formatting. Apache License Version 2.0. barcode4j_license.txt
qsfntly.jar No longer needed as of v207R1. This jar file was needed to parse and subset fonts. Apache License Version 2.0.
cmykProfile.jar No longer needed as of v2019R1. This jar file contains a CMYK profile used to accurately convert CMYK colors to RGB for conversion. If the file is not present, jPDFProcess will revert to a mathematical conversion that is less accurate. This file is necessary if the PDF documents viewed have CMYK content and accurate color conversion is desired.