Here is a JMeter file containing sample REST calls to Qoppa PDF REST API to create, convert and manipulate PDF documents. This is a good way to get started with our REST API. After installing Qoppa PDF Automation Server (PAS) on your own server, just import this file into jMeter, set up the parameter options such as your server name or IP address and start communicating with PAS through the REST API immediately.

jMeter sample requests to communicate with Qoppa PDF Rest API

REST.jmx contains the following samples:

Annotations: Get annotations lists, Export annotations, Import annotations, Flatten annotations,

Create & Upload: Create new folder, Upload a PDF, Upload JPEG as PDF, Upload PNG as PDF, Upload a Tiff as PDF, Copy Document, Delete Document, Upload a GIF as PDF, Get all children in folder, Upload .doc as PDF

Document Assembly: Append two existing documents, Upload and append to existing, Append JPEG to existing PDF, Append PNG to existing PDF, Append Tiff to existing PDF, Append GIF to existing PDF, Delete pages, Add blank page to existing PDF.

Downloading and Exporting to Images: Download existing PDF, Download single pas as JPEG, Download entire existing PDF as TIFF, Download existing PDF as HTML / SVG, Download single page as GIF, download single page as PNG, Download single page as GIF, Download single page as PNG, Download single page as TIFF.

Encryption and Permissions: Get the current permissions, clear usage rights. set password permissions, clear password permissions

Form Fields: Get field list, Export form fields, Import form fields, Flatten form fields

Linearize: Linearize a PDF

OCR/ Text: OCR entire document, Extract ALL Text

Optimize: Create optimizer profile, Optimize a PDF

Signing: Add Signature field to PDF, Sign PDF, Clear Signature, Get Signature fields in PDF

Watermarks, Headers & Footers: Stamp the document with text, Stamp the document with an image. is a zip file that contains all the json files used in the samples above to send in parameters such as signature certificates, image files, and other advanced fields in json format.

PDF/A: Convert to PDF/A-1b, Convert to PDF/A-2b, Convert to PDF/A-3b

PDF-A TEST.jmx contains the following samples: Convert to PDF/A-1b, Convert to PDF/A-2b, Convert to PDF/A-3b