Starting with the 2018R2 release the PAS REST module comes with built in integration with the Alfresco Document Management server. This integration allows the PAS REST service to provide permission based access at the user level to documents.

Note: the Alfresco storage integration is only available for the PAS REST services NOT the Automation Server.

Setup Instructions

1. You will need to already have an Alfresco Document Storage server setup and running. This can be on the same server as PAS or on a different server that the PAS server has access to. Learn more at

2. Create a file called “” that contains 2 entries:

  • baseDir: The base directory that will be appended to all REST calls
  • serverUrl: The API URL needed to integrate with the Alfresco service. This will be dependent on the version of your instance.

For example the values in the file may look like this:


Note: Make sure to replace the host & port with the values for your Alfresco server

3. Place the properties file in the directory below based on your OS.

  • Windows: in the QoppaPAS folder in the Program Data directory
  • Linux/Unix/Mac: in the PAS installation directory

4. Restart the QoppaPAS service to load the new properties file (or new changes to the file)

5. In PAS Manager go to Settings -> REST Settings -> General and choose “Alfresco” as the content provider. Then click OK to apply the settings.

6. Once complete, all REST calls to the PAS server going forward will use the Alfresco storage instance


Root Directory

With the above example, the baseDir is set to the root Alfresco directory. A file in a user directory would be accessed at a URL like this:

http://host:port/qoppapdf/v1/documents/User Homes/username/userdoc.pdf

User Directory

If you only want to serve files in a certain directory, you can set the “baseDir” property to that directory (i.e. baseDir=/User Homes/username/) and then files would be accessed at a URL like this instead: