We’re showing here how to create a simple workflow in PDF Automation Server that is watching a folder for incoming PDF files, extracting all the pages except for the last one into a new PDF and then saving that new PDF to a file.

PDF Automation Node: Create New PDF from Extracted Pages

It’s a pretty simple flow that can be created by dragging only 3 nodes: Watch Folder, Extract Pages and Save to Files.

Watch Folder:

Watch Folder watching for incoming file in folder C:\Test\In

Extract Pages:

Extract Page Properties: Setting Page Range as a Formula

Note that a formula is used when extracting the page that uses the number of page in the incoming PDF

1-$[format(pdf.pageCount, "####")-1|####")-1]

The output of the Extract Pages Node is a PDF so you only need to save it to file.

Save File:

Save to File to Folder C:\Test\Out