Q: We are running Qoppa PDF Automation Server and are about to update the Java version on our web server. Considering that PDF Automation Server is a Java based application, will upgrading the Java version have any impact on the way the application runs?

A: There will be no impact on the operation of PDF Automation Server for the following reasons:

  • The installation of PDF Automation Server installs its own copy of Java, so we do not look at any other installed Java versions. This means that even if you were to install other versions of Java on the same machine, it would not have any effect on the running of the PDF Automation Server.
  • We choose the version of Java that we ship with for its stability, and since we always run with the same version for each version of PDF Automation Server, then we know that the server remains stable.
  • When we release new versions of PDF Automation Server we can (and do) update the version of Java that it ships with. The same will hold in the future, we choose Java versions that are stable and will always run on the same version. So there is no impact with Java updates, or lack of updates, on the machine that is running the application server.