Q: Is there a redaction tool in Qoppa’s Web PDF Viewer and Markup to safely remove confidential information?

A: Yes, you can create/apply redaction annotations in Qoppa’s Web PDF Viewer and Markup. The redaction feature will black any sensitive information and permanently remove the underlying PDF content.

Add Redaction Annotations

To add redaction annotations to a page:

  • click Redaction icon on toolbar
  • Select “Mark for Redaction”

Apply Redaction Annotations

To apply / burn redaction annotations:

  • click Redaction icon on toolbar
  • select “Apply All Redactions”

When user clicks yes, the redaction annotations are sent to the server-side and are permanently applied to the PDF document. The PDF document is then reloaded in the browser so users can verify that the sensitive information got blacked out appropriately.

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