Do you need to create your own self-hosted document viewer? Does your company handle confidential documents? Do you need to keep control of your documents? Do you need to be able to access your own document storage or database? Do you need to render PDF documents and Microsoft Office documents in the browser on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Mobile, Android, IOS?

Using Qoppa Software PDF solutions, you can create your own self hosted Web Document Viewer at an affordable price.

jPDFWeb converts PDF document to HTML5 / SVG. It can be integrated in any J2EE server. When combined with jOfficeConvert, it can also convert Word and Excel documents to HTML5 / SVG. There is no per document fee but a simple flat yearly fee.

Qoppa PDF Automation Server comes packaged with a Web Viewer & Annotator. It offers many functions in addition to displaying PDFs: form filling, annotating, text markup, redaction and digital signatures. Format supported are PDF, images (JPG, TIFF, GIG and PNG), Microsoft Word and Excel documents. For internal deployment, a server license is reasonably priced, without a per document fee.