Qoppa Software was mentioned in the latest SDTimes PDF Component Buyer’s Guide:

PDF usage by corporations and individuals has skyrocketed, driving a proportional demand for PDF products in all contexts, according to Gerald Holmann, president of Qoppa Software, including end-user products as well as back-end production and processing. As PDF processes have become more complex, he explained, the demand for PDF components has increased as well, as they provide more flexibility than traditional turnkey solutions. 
Gerald Holmann, president of Qoppa Software: “Above all else, developers should be looking for stability and robustness. Additionally, the PDF format is very complex and supports hundreds of different features, so developers should be looking for wide “feature coverage” in the products they select, to make sure that they will be able to handle PDFs from all sources. Most, if not all, document interchange in [business-to-business], [business-to-consumer] and [consumer-to-business] uses PDF, so PDF handling and processing is an absolute necessity for doing business. PDF components provide the flexibility to implement any PDF workflow according to specific needs.” 
Qoppa Software offers an extensive suite of PDF libraries and visual components that cover all PDF processing needs. PDF Functions include creation and modification, assembly, conversion to images, conversion to HTML, automated printing, encryption and digital signatures, form fields, viewing and markup, optimization, and a lot more. Qoppa products provide the highest level of performance and reliability and are 100% Java, so they run on all servers and desktop operating systems.

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