Q: As we’re in the process of integrating your Android PDF viewer sdk into Android application, we are seeing some refresh issues with only parts of the PDF being rendered in the View. When we scroll, we see blank pages. Rotating the android device or zooming will force a refresh but we still have the same problem where only the parts of the PDF that are in view will be rendered. Below is a screen shot of what we are seeing.

Partially rendered PDF pages in qPDFViewerView


Repeating page content in every tile
Repeating PDF page content in every tile

A: We have seen problems on some devices when hardware acceleration is turned on.

Make sure to turn it off by including the following item in your manifest, at the application or activity level.

<application ...>
    <activity ... />
    <activity android:hardwareAccelerated="false" />

Read more about hardware acceleration in Android.

If the issue still happens on some phone, check if the user has turned on the setting “Force GPU rendering (use 2D hardware acceleration in applications)”, which overrides the application settings.