The most common CMaps are packaged directly into our library jars, including: 83pv-RKSJ-H, 90msp-RKSJ-H, 90ms-RKSJ-H, 90ms-RKSJ-V, B5pc-V, CNS-EUC-H, CNS-EUC-V, GB-EUC-H, Identity-H, Identity-V, KSC-EUC-H, KSC-EUC-V, KSCpc-EUC-H.

Additional CMaps, used to read and display character encodings in CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)  fonts are contained in the cmaps.jar filest. This jar file should be included in your classpath when you need to render PDF documents containing these type of fonts.

The PDF reference (Chapter 4.6.4 CMaps) has a list of standard CMaps that are supposed to be supported by PDF applications. These standard CMaps are either contained in the jar directly or in the cmaps.jar file.

When not in the list of standard CMaps, the PDF reference specifies that the CMap should be embedded in the PDF.