When upgrading the library version on your existing servers, please follow the instruction below.

In order to issue a new license key for the server, we will need a Key Request file sent using the latest version of the library from your server. See Retrieving Your Server / Host Information for details on how to generate the Key Request file.

1. Key Request File

Company name:*

Email address:*

Upload Key Request File*


2. License Upgrade Fee

  • Subscription or Upgrade & Support: Free
    If you have a subscription in place or an active Upgrade & Support contract , the upgrade to the latest library version is free.
  • No Contract, Upgrade to New Library Version: Get a Quote
    If you would like to upgrade to the latest version of the library, which is recommended, contact us after submitting the license transfer form above. We will email you a quote for the upgrade.
    Contact Us For an Upgrade Quote