jWordConvert is now jOfficeConvert and now includes our new Excel to PDF feature! 

With the addition of the new Excel to PDF feature, jWordConvert is now jOfficeConvert. Our pricing model for jOfficeConvert (formerly jWordConvert) has changed to cover the cost of the new Excel to PDF feature. The new price, which will include both Word to PDF and Excel to PDF, is $1,600 per 4 cores as of 9/14/2017.

If you have an existing Support & Upgrade contract you can still upgrade to the latest jOfficeConvert version. However you will only be given access to the “Word to PDF” functionality only.

Existing jWordConvert Customers with Support Contract

  • As with all major version upgrades you will need to get a new license key for your server for v2017R1. See Retrieve your server / host information to generate license key request.
  • After upgrading to jPDFOffice v2017R1, you can continue using the “Word to PDF” conversion feature only.
    • Make sure to update your code as the package name for the main WordDocument class has changed from com.qoppa.word.WordDocument to com.qoppa.office.WordDocument.

Adding Excel to PDF

If you’d like to start using the new Excel to PDF conversion feature, you can purchase an upgrade for your license. The cost will be $400 for each 4 core server / license.  Use a link below to purchase the Excel to PDF upgrade.

What about Support?

To keep things simple, Qoppa is offering upgrade and support for free until customer’s next renewal date, at which point your Support & Upgrade contract will increase from $264 to $352 yearly to reflect the new pricing.