Version v1.2 – June 15, 2011

New Features:

  • Paragraph shading – before only handled shading on tables
  • More Fields Handled – DATE, NUMPAGES, FILENAME fields
  • Support for Having Different Header/Footers on Different Pages


  • More Accurate Vertical Spacing: Support for Auto Spacing and Multiline Spacing options.  Also improved handling of text ascent, leading and descent values
  • Improved Handling of Tabs: Added support for Tabs that are outside of the right margin.  Also existing Tab information is handled more accurately
  • Improved Handling of Multiple Font Sizes on a Single Line
  • Image Placement is better handled: Before images didn’t check for proximity to the end of the page before being drawn.
  • Improved Handling of Tables in Headers/Footers
  • Improved Vertical and Horizontal Alignment in Tables – Dealing with Tabs and Lists in tables, and included top/bottom margins in cells.
  • Improved Handling of Nested Lists


  • Fixed issue with borders on vertically merged cells
  • Fixed handling of unsupported fields
  • Fixed some exception handling and out of bounds issues
  • Fixed issue of getting the right font info for list numberings
  • Internal bug fixes and enhancements.