Original Release Date: September 02 2022
Version number: v2022R1

v2022R1 Jar Download Links

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Component API Changes (from previous version)

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Library API Changes (from previous version)

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb
jOfficeConvert (API Changes from previous version)

Note: Customers will need new license keys from upgrading from v2021R1 or earlier. Contact Qoppa’s license team so we can issue new license files for you.

A new combined demo / sample application allows customers to evaluate all the functionality available in our PDF libraries and components in one place.

JPDF-1893 – Full Support for Java 17 in addition to all previous Java versions, including 4k support
JPDF-1902 – OCR Function: Add getVersion, Orientation, Line Direction and Deskew Angle to OCR – See OCROptions.setRotatePages() and OCRPageResults
JPDF-1874 – Added methods to get the position of an image on the page in IImageInstance
JPDF-1729 – Consolidate all the jPDF Library Demo into One Combined Sample Application
JPDF-1819 – When creating a BufferedImage that is too large throw a PDFException instead of OutOfMemoryError

Microsoft Office File Conversion to PDF (jOfficeConvert)
JOFFICE-633 – Convert Word to PDF: Some boxes / path objects with light grey border displayed in Adobe
JOFFICE-632 – Word to PDF: Strict Open XML: Throw a warning about format not supported to avoid IllegalArgumentException during conversion
JOFFICE-631 – Word to PDF: Error handling empty numbered paragraph – “” is null
JOFFICE-628 – Word to PDF: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 12 in Paragraph Numbering
JOFFICE-625 – Fonts: No directory set in Log for Qoppa bundled fonts
JOFFICE-621 – Excel to PDF: Add setting for specifying page size and orientation
JOFFICE-620 – Word to PDF: Fix issue with a row minimum height taller than the available space (infinite loop) + validate document type
JOFFICE-617 – Word to PDF: Threading / Synchronization Issue when laying out text in resulting PDF
JOFFICE-615 – Word to PDF: Missing dots before page number in table of content and missing underline in sub-section
JOFFICE-614 – Word to PDF: Improving support for wrap margin
JOFFICE-612 – PPTX to PDF: Document Specific
JOFFICE-610 – Fonts: Missing text on conversion due to missing Symbol font: Redirect font missing error to user instead of silently failing
JOFFICE-609 – General: Fix VML shapes / text boxes alignment and positioning issues
JOFFICE-607 – Word to PDF: Alpahabets.pdf to Word conversion docx file invalid
JOFFICE-606 – Fonts: Word to PDF CLI Conversion – Varying Time based on Java Version – Font Loading Performance?
JOFFICE-605 – Word to PDF: Convert Word to PDF – Add support for Raised Position Property
JOFFICE-602 – ApachePOI library – jofficeconvert.jar xmlbeans library conflict
JOFFICE-601 – Fonts – Some Arabic text positioned incorrectly
JOFFICE-598 – PPTX to PDF: EMF in chart_table.pptx converts with the wrong scale
JOFFICE-597 – PowerPoint to PDF: Underlines too low with some text in pptx conversion
JOFFICE-591 – PowerPoint to PDF: EMF in PPT is getting clipped very slightly
JOFFICE-585 – Excel to PDF: Excel to PDF: javax.xml.bind.JAXBException Provider ContextFactory could not be instantiated
JOFFICE-583 – Fonts: Add a vm option to debug fonts used during conversion for embedding
JOFFICE-582 – Excel to PDF: Excel to PDF Support for Legacy Arabic Fonts Sultan Fonts
JOFFICE-578 – Word to PDF: Handle Arabic Unicode Map during Conversion to Allow Text Extraction
JOFFICE-576 – Word to PDF: Auto-Sized Table Width Issue for Multi-Line Cells
JOFFICE-541 – General PDF to Word Qoppa PDF library

PDF Components (jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor)
JPDF-1938 – Add a public method to disable auto creation of links on URLS
PS-5390 – Filter out comment panel search results
PS-5602 – New Document Permissions Panel
PS-6005 – New Monotone icons and user preference ??
PS-5879 – New option to “Enhance thin lines” – See PDFRenderHints.setEnhanceThinLines(true)
PS-5933 – Sticky note now displays pop up note by default
PS-5393 – New “Copy note” option in annotation context menu
PS-5873 – New option to hide annotation note bubble
PS-5910 – Added “No to all” option when closing multiple tabs
PS-5644 – New options in Initial View document properties
Window Options: Resize window to initial page, Center window in screen, File name or document title
UI Options: Hide Menu Bar, Hide Toolbar, Hide window controls
PS-5707 – Some icon enhancements
PS-5670 – Updated text selection context menu options
PS-5929 – Added “Search Google for…” text select context menu option
PS-5882 – Add tooltips to bookmarks to display page info and zoom
PS-6035 – Mini toolbar: Add text color for typewriter, text box and callout + allow empty border color
PS-5983 – Update tooltip color to match selected theme
PS-3968 – Add colors for all annotation types in comments pane
Improved support for Apple M1 devices
JPDF-1825 – Multithreaded Tile Factory for up to 6x performance boost in rendering documents
JPDF-1815 – Only prompt for JavaScript when it’s encountered rather than when opening the PDF
PS-6011 – Support for new digital signature algorithms including “RSASSA-PSS” and “Skribble” for Switzerland
JPDF-1872- Fixed signature vulnerability for incremental save attack from PDF Researchers
PS-5881 – Show invalid bookmark icon when missing action or page reference
JPDF-1885 – Handle null font in typewriter annotation to avoid nullpointerexception
JPDF-1938 – Add a public method for jPDF components customers to disable auto creation of links on URLS
JPDF-1899 – Regression: Slow down when reading a PDF from a URL on-demand Resolved By Implementing Buffering
JPDF-1841 – Fix issue ResourceBundle.Control class which can not be used in Modular JRE
JPDF-1906 – Sometimes comments panel button disappears after closing the comments panel
JPDF-1834 – Oracle Forms swing events & exception when empty typewriter annotations get deleted automatically

Image Processing / Rendering / Printing (jPDFPrint, jPDFImages, jPDFProcess)
JPDF-1927 – Fix error decoding some JPEG images in attached documents
JPDF-1913 – Regression: Javascript method Doc.addField is broken
JPDF-1842 – Regression: Null pointer exception when opening list and combo field drop-down in PDF forms
JPDF-1825 – Run the tile factory in multi-threaded mode
JPDF-1919 – Change Print Settings to Scale Image to Output to Off by Default
JPDF-1914- Improve text selection issue with CJK text in tables across 2 columns

PDF Optimizer (jPDFOptimizer)
JPDF-1921 – Add method to set permissions password in jPDFOptimizer: PDFOptimizer.usePermissionsPassword (String ownerPassword)
JPDF-1837 – Add support for Lab color space to RGB when converting an image to JPEG with CS_RETAIN
JPDF-1876 – Optimizer Audit: Make sure font subsets are included in the audit
JPDF-1759 – Optimizer Auditor reports more font bytes than doc bytes
JPDF-1756 – Optimizer: Merge multiple subsets of the same font when the option to merge duplicate fonts is selected

Preflight (jPDFPreflight)
JPDF-1860 – PDF/X-3 conversion – color spaces
JPDF-1794 – Add PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 verification profiles
JPDF-1128 – New PDF/X Conversion
JPDF-1851 – PDF/X Conversion – font embedding
JPDF-1864 – PDF/X Conversion – halftones
JPDF-1859 – PDF/X Conversion – no Actions allowed
JPDF-1863 – PDF/X Conversion – options settings
JPDF-1852 – PDF/X Conversion – simple dictionary entry requirements
JPDF-1865 – PDF/X Conversion – transparency not allowed
JPDF-1855 – PDF/X Conversion – trapping
JPDF-1869 – PDF/A conversion doesn’t fix missing namespace prefix definitions
JPDF-1878 – PDF/X Conversion: Make sure our demo mode watermark is pdf/x compliant
JPDF-1892 – PDF/X-1 Conversion: Object streams not allowed
JPDF-1891 – PDF/X-1 Conversion: tile patterns
JPDF-1896 – PDF/X-1 Verification of TilePatterns with PaintType 1
JPDF-1905 – PDF/X-3 verification: color spaces verification rule doesn’t work correctly
JPDF-1191 – Preflight Report Improvements: Add more options to customize the report legend and results
JPDF-1915 – Validate when a color space object is missing for an image

Manipulate / Edit / Linerarize PDFs (jPDFProcess)
JPDF-1897 – Document Specific: Fast Web View Linearization conversion throws ArrayOutOfBoundsException due to issue with Catalog
JPDF-1870 – Error merging PDFs when merging tag structure when “document” node has no children
JPDF-1918 – Fix error during linearization of a PDF due to duplicate bookmark objects
JPDF-1917 – Fix error on linearization due to a left over reference of an acroform that was removed
JPDF-1847 – Fix error when merging PDF with tags when parent tree is an empty array
JPDF-1894 – Linearization/saveas fast web throws class cast exception

Digital Signature (jPDFSecure, jPDFProcess, All PDF Components)
JPDF-1845 – Update Bouncy Castle from 1.54 to 1.71 – third jar bcutil.jar is now required
JPDF-1867 – Fix Byte range error in Docusign digital signature validation by ignoring characters after %%EOF
JPDF-1872 – Fix for possible vulnerability in digital signature validation (incremental save attack)
JPDF-1168 – Missing Optional PAdES information in signature details
JPDF-1676 – Review LTV enabled & two addition PADES profiles in Digital Signature
JPDF-1886 – Signature Validation: Show “Invalid ByteRange” when byterange is missing instead of “Document has been modified”
PS-5099 – Display Full Certificate Chain for Timestamp Authorities (TSA)

Fonts (All Libraries & Components)
JPDF-1846 – Handle UTF8 encoding in rubber stamp appearance dictionary in XFDF import file
JPDF-1764 – Add support for embedding of non-CID OpenType CFF fonts

PDF to HTML Conversion (jPDFWeb)
JPDF-1723 – Do not use the Text & Graphics Extraction permission when converting to HTML/SVG

Many other internal fixes and enhancements.