Original Release Date: September 02 2022
Version number: v2022R1

v2022R1 Jar Download Links

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Component API Changes (from previous version)

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Library API Changes (from previous version)

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb
jOfficeConvert (API Changes from previous version)

Note: Customers will need new license keys from upgrading from v2021R1 or earlier. Contact Qoppa’s license team so we can issue new license files for you.

New Version Highlights:

* Full Support for Java 17 including 4k support. Our PDF SDK is still compiled in Java 8 in order to guarantee back compatibility as many companies are still running in Java 8, Java 11 or Java 16.

* A new friendly and combined demo / sample application allows customers to evaluate all the functionality available in our PDF libraries and components in one place.

* Many enhancements to MS Office to PDF conversion engine for Word to PDF, Excel to PDF and PowerPoint to PDF conversions. We are now packaging with replacement fonts for the most common Microsoft Office fonts so that correct font matching occurs even on the Linux platform. Selecting or extracting Arabic text from converted PDF documents is now possible due to the added support for Arabic Unicode Mapping. Auto-size table are now converted with better accuracy.

* Enhanced PDF components with faster multi-threaded rendering and improvements to the functionality and to the user interface. New option to enhance thin lines allowing for better rendering of architectural plans and construction drawings at various zoom levels.  A new permissions pane on the left side displays document security and restrictions. Colorful items in the comments list allows to easily distinguish various annotations. Improved bookmarks rendering and manipulation.

* Improved support for LTV enabled and PAdES signatures. A new public API was implemented to verify digital signature information in order to apply B-LT and B-LTA signatures. PAdES information (Signature Created by and PAdES Level) is now added to signature details so digital signatures can be recognized as PAdES.

* In Preflight, added PDF-X1 and PDF/X3 conversion as well as multiple validation profiles (list them by looking under PDF Studio).

* Automatically auto detect and apply page rotation when performing OCR to straighten up rotated documents while recognizing text content.


New Version Details:

JPDF-1893 – Full Support for Java 17 in addition to all previous Java versions, including 4k support
JPDF-1902 – OCR Function: Add getVersion, Orientation, Line Direction and Deskew Angle to OCR – See OCROptions.setRotatePages() and OCRPageResults
JPDF-1874 – Added methods to get the position of an image on the page in IImageInstance
JPDF-1729 – Consolidate all the jPDF Library Demo into One Combined Sample Application
JPDF-1819 – When creating a BufferedImage that is too large throw a PDFException instead of OutOfMemoryError

Microsoft Office File Conversion to PDF (jOfficeConvert)
JOFFICE-633 – Convert Word to PDF: Some boxes / path objects with light grey border displayed in Adobe
JOFFICE-632 – Word to PDF: Strict Open XML: Throw a warning about format not supported to avoid IllegalArgumentException during conversion
JOFFICE-631 – Word to PDF: Error handling empty numbered paragraph – “” is null
JOFFICE-628 – Word to PDF: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 12 in Paragraph Numbering
JOFFICE-625 – Fonts: No directory set in Log for Qoppa bundled fonts
JOFFICE-621 – Excel to PDF: Add setting for specifying page size and orientation
JOFFICE-620 – Word to PDF: Fix issue with a row minimum height taller than the available space (infinite loop) + validate document type
JOFFICE-617 – Word to PDF: Threading / Synchronization Issue when laying out text in resulting PDF
JOFFICE-615 – Word to PDF: Missing dots before page number in table of content and missing underline in sub-section
JOFFICE-614 – Word to PDF: Improving support for wrap margin
JOFFICE-612 – PPTX to PDF: Document Specific
JOFFICE-610 – Fonts: Missing text on conversion due to missing Symbol font: Redirect font missing error to user instead of silently failing
JOFFICE-609 – General: Fix VML shapes / text boxes alignment and positioning issues
JOFFICE-607 – Word to PDF: Alpahabets.pdf to Word conversion docx file invalid
JOFFICE-606 – Fonts: Word to PDF CLI Conversion – Varying Time based on Java Version – Font Loading Performance?
JOFFICE-605 – Word to PDF: Convert Word to PDF – Add support for Raised Position Property
JOFFICE-602 – ApachePOI library – jofficeconvert.jar xmlbeans library conflict
JOFFICE-601 – Fonts – Some Arabic text positioned incorrectly
JOFFICE-598 – PPTX to PDF: EMF in chart_table.pptx converts with the wrong scale
JOFFICE-597 – PowerPoint to PDF: Underlines too low with some text in pptx conversion
JOFFICE-591 – PowerPoint to PDF: EMF in PPT is getting clipped very slightly
JOFFICE-585 – Excel to PDF: Excel to PDF: javax.xml.bind.JAXBException Provider ContextFactory could not be instantiated
JOFFICE-583 – Fonts: Add a vm option to debug fonts used during conversion for embedding
JOFFICE-582 – Excel to PDF: Excel to PDF Support for Legacy Arabic Fonts Sultan Fonts
JOFFICE-578 – Word to PDF: Handle Arabic Unicode Map during Conversion to Allow Text Extraction
JOFFICE-576 – Word to PDF: Auto-Sized Table Width Issue for Multi-Line Cells
JOFFICE-541 – General PDF to Word Qoppa PDF library

PDF Components (jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor)
JPDF-1938 – Add a public method to disable auto creation of links on URLS
PS-5390 – Filter out comment panel search results
PS-5602 – New Document Permissions Panel
PS-5879 – New option to “Enhance thin lines” – See PDFRenderHints.setEnhanceThinLines(true)
PS-5933 – Sticky note now displays pop up note by default
PS-5393 – New “Copy note” option in annotation context menu
PS-5873 – New option to hide annotation note bubble
PS-5910 – Added “No to all” option when closing multiple tabs
PS-5644 – New options in Initial View document properties
Window Options: Resize window to initial page, Center window in screen, File name or document title
UI Options: Hide Menu Bar, Hide Toolbar, Hide window controls
PS-5707 – Some icon enhancements
PS-5670 – Updated text selection context menu options
PS-5929 – Added “Search Google for…” text select context menu option
PS-5882 – Add tooltips to bookmarks to display page info and zoom
PS-6035 – Mini toolbar: Add text color for typewriter, text box and callout + allow empty border color
PS-5983 – Update tooltip color to match selected theme
PS-3968 – Add colors for all annotation types in comments pane
Improved support for Apple M1 devices
JPDF-1825 – Multithreaded Tile Factory for up to 6x performance boost in rendering documents
JPDF-1815 – Only prompt for JavaScript when it’s encountered rather than when opening the PDF
PS-6011 – Support for new digital signature algorithms including “RSASSA-PSS” and “Skribble” for Switzerland
JPDF-1872- Fixed signature vulnerability for incremental save attack from PDF Researchers
PS-5881 – Show invalid bookmark icon when missing action or page reference
JPDF-1885 – Handle null font in typewriter annotation to avoid nullpointerexception
JPDF-1938 – Add a public method for jPDF components customers to disable auto creation of links on URLS
JPDF-1899 – Regression: Slow down when reading a PDF from a URL on-demand Resolved By Implementing Buffering
JPDF-1841 – Fix issue ResourceBundle.Control class which can not be used in Modular JRE
JPDF-1906 – Sometimes comments panel button disappears after closing the comments panel
JPDF-1834 – Oracle Forms swing events & exception when empty typewriter annotations get deleted automatically

Image Processing / Rendering / Printing (jPDFPrint, jPDFImages, jPDFProcess)
JPDF-1927 – Fix error decoding some JPEG images in attached documents
JPDF-1913 – Regression: Javascript method Doc.addField is broken
JPDF-1842 – Regression: Null pointer exception when opening list and combo field drop-down in PDF forms
JPDF-1825 – Run the tile factory in multi-threaded mode
JPDF-1919 – Change Print Settings to Scale Image to Output to Off by Default
JPDF-1914- Improve text selection issue with CJK text in tables across 2 columns

PDF Optimizer (jPDFOptimizer)
JPDF-1921 – Add method to set permissions password in jPDFOptimizer: PDFOptimizer.usePermissionsPassword (String ownerPassword)
JPDF-1837 – Add support for Lab color space to RGB when converting an image to JPEG with CS_RETAIN
JPDF-1876 – Optimizer Audit: Make sure font subsets are included in the audit
JPDF-1759 – Optimizer Auditor reports more font bytes than doc bytes
JPDF-1756 – Optimizer: Merge multiple subsets of the same font when the option to merge duplicate fonts is selected

Preflight (jPDFPreflight)
JPDF-1860 – PDF/X-3 conversion – color spaces
JPDF-1794 – Add PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 verification profiles
JPDF-1128 – New PDF/X Conversion
JPDF-1851 – PDF/X Conversion – font embedding
JPDF-1864 – PDF/X Conversion – halftones
JPDF-1859 – PDF/X Conversion – no Actions allowed
JPDF-1863 – PDF/X Conversion – options settings
JPDF-1852 – PDF/X Conversion – simple dictionary entry requirements
JPDF-1865 – PDF/X Conversion – transparency not allowed
JPDF-1855 – PDF/X Conversion – trapping
JPDF-1869 – PDF/A conversion doesn’t fix missing namespace prefix definitions
JPDF-1878 – PDF/X Conversion: Make sure our demo mode watermark is pdf/x compliant
JPDF-1892 – PDF/X-1 Conversion: Object streams not allowed
JPDF-1891 – PDF/X-1 Conversion: tile patterns
JPDF-1896 – PDF/X-1 Verification of TilePatterns with PaintType 1
JPDF-1905 – PDF/X-3 verification: color spaces verification rule doesn’t work correctly
JPDF-1191 – Preflight Report Improvements: Add more options to customize the report legend and results
JPDF-1915 – Validate when a color space object is missing for an image

Manipulate / Edit / Linerarize PDFs (jPDFProcess)
JPDF-1897 – Document Specific: Fast Web View Linearization conversion throws ArrayOutOfBoundsException due to issue with Catalog
JPDF-1870 – Error merging PDFs when merging tag structure when “document” node has no children
JPDF-1918 – Fix error during linearization of a PDF due to duplicate bookmark objects
JPDF-1917 – Fix error on linearization due to a left over reference of an acroform that was removed
JPDF-1847 – Fix error when merging PDF with tags when parent tree is an empty array
JPDF-1894 – Linearization/saveas fast web throws class cast exception

Digital Signature (jPDFSecure, jPDFProcess, All PDF Components)
JPDF-1845 – Update Bouncy Castle from 1.54 to 1.71 – third jar bcutil.jar is now required
JPDF-1867 – Fix Byte range error in Docusign digital signature validation by ignoring characters after %%EOF
JPDF-1872 – Fix for possible vulnerability in digital signature validation (incremental save attack)
JPDF-1168 – Add Optional PAdES information (Signature Created by and PAdES Level) in signature details so signatures are recognized as PAdES
JPDF-1676 – Enhanced support for LTV enabled signatures with a new public API to verify digital signature information in order to apply PADES Signature Level B-LT and B-LTA signatures (SignatureField.addVerificationInformation())
JPDF-1886 – Signature Validation: Show “Invalid ByteRange” when byterange is missing instead of “Document has been modified”
PS-5099 – Display Full Certificate Chain for Timestamp Authorities (TSA)

Fonts (All Libraries & Components)
JPDF-1846 – Handle UTF8 encoding in rubber stamp appearance dictionary in XFDF import file
JPDF-1764 – Add support for embedding of non-CID OpenType CFF fonts

PDF to HTML Conversion (jPDFWeb)
JPDF-1723 – Do not use the Text & Graphics Extraction permission when converting to HTML/SVG

Many other internal fixes and enhancements.