Below are the build notes for v2022R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for the following Qoppa PDF libraries and components.

v2022R1 Jar Download Links

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb

Version v2022R1.08 – May 23 2023
JPDF-2000 – jPDFPreflight – Memory Leak due to use of static class when font cmap table contained multiple encodings
JPDF-1999 – Exception in jPDFViewer when customer application uses rhino and calls ContextFactory.initGlobal
JPDF-1998 – Document Specific: Avoid infinite loop in case where form field widget is set as its own parent
JPDF-1989 – Document Specific: Extracted page still contains images from other pages of the original PDF. Clean up resources saved in PageTreeNode
Note: We are in the process of moving our build server… For this reason, the library version number will still report v2022R1.07 when calling the method getVersion(). But the implementation property in the MetaInf manifest file will show the correct build date 2023/05/23. Implementation-Version: v2022R1.07.20230523063150. We will upload jars with updated version number as soon as our new build server is ready.

Version v2022R1.07 – May 06 2023

JPDF-1998 – Document Specific: Avoid infinite loop in case where form field widget is set as its own parent
JPDF-1993 — Font Specific: Error rendering the attached PDF on Linux due to not using Unicode Mapping
Update jPDFDemo to use latest installer version to support latest USB key signing algorithm

Version v2022R1.06 – April 01 2023

PS-6603 – Resolve filename and extension issues on Linux when filename contains “.”
PS-6678 – JavaScript not calculating fields – Event.value not being modified and re-setting the same value after calculation
PS-6668 – Incorrect logic when setting JavaScript field.display value
PS-6672 – Document Specific: Fix image location
PAS-1210 – PDF to SVG: Add new option SVGOption setDisableGoToPageLinks()
JPDF-1994 – Cleanup replacement fonts
Internal maintenance – remove unused imports
Homogenize build number across libraries

Version v2022R1.05 – March 13 2023

JPDF-1990 – Added class cast protection and set signature as invalid if the entries in the signature field dictionary are invalid
PS-6588 – Document Specific: Digital Signature not validated correctly (Digital Signature Service)
PS-6635 – Document Specific: Signature marked as “Revoked” instead of “Not verified”. Revocation has to come from issuing CA in the Certificate Revocation List

Version v2022R1.04 – February 24 2023

PS-6634 – Unable to save document due to link annotation to a remote document missing file specification
JPDF-1983: Nullpointerexception when running Optimizer Audit Function on document with JS when rhino.jar is missing
JPDF-1984 – JavaScript NoSuchMethodError when rhino is incompatible when opening any PDF + Improve error message logs
PS-6590 – Handle null resource in type3 font which was generating a ClassCastException
PS-6604 – PDF Components: Render first page faster on documents with lots of links / destinations
PAS-1199 – PDF Components: Allow text size for text box annotations to go down to 6 from 8 at the moment
PS-6618 – PDF Components: Regression – Exception when Selecting IRT Group Annotations
PS-6585 – PDF Components: Bad focus issue when doing undo while editing a text field
PS-6460 – PDF Components: Add support for European local & number format in distance annotation length field format
JPDF-1960 – jPDF Demo Sample Application – Add more substitute / replacement fonts to avoid font errors when converting to PDF/A on Linux
JPDF-1976 – jPDF Demo Sample Application – Improve links to download PDF library jar files
JPDF-1985 – jPDF Demo Sample Application – Log File Improvements

Version v2022R1.03 – November 29 2022

PS-6548 – Improve default properties for checkbox and radio button fields
JPDF-1971 – jPDFDemo – Convert To & From Images – Add All the Supported Image Extensions
JPDF-1970 – Option to set monochrome color for the icons in the swing component through IconSettings.setUseMonochromeIcons(true)
PAS-1179 – XML License files – Change signature hash

Version v2022R1.02 – November 11 2022

JPDF-1965 – Document Specific: ClassCastException when opening documents with null cropbox entry
PS-6533/PS-5758 – Match content edit tool’s ‘can edit text’ verification to that of the edit text dialog
JPDF-1968 – jPDFDemo Sample Applications: include libraries in the lib folder instead of the jar; was missing substitute fonts and barcode library
JPDF-1951 – Documentation: PDFXConversionOptions – Missing parameters info on setImageCompression
JPDF-1955 – Many “auto” test suite documents “succeed” on PDF/X conversion but fail validation
JPDF-1954 – Document Specific: NPE converting to PDF/X-3 due to error when copying name of color space
PS-6470 – Document Specific: PDF/X Conversion not working
PS-6483 – Document Specific: NPE converting to PDF/X-3 due to error when copying name of color space
PS-6515 – Error after converting attached document to PDF/X-1
PS-6482 – default pdf/x output profile

Version v2022R1.01 – September 14 2022
PS-6450 — PDF/X-4 not validating document correctly – pdfxid schema needs to be considered predefined
JPDF-1945 — For symbolic true type fonts, use Windows Symbol cmap subtable instead of Mac Roman
JPDF-1940 — Add the PrintAsImage DPI as a parameter to the printAsImage methods
Updated product versions in POM files

Version v2022R1.00 – September 02 2022
Main Release. See v2022R1 Main Release Notes