Below are the build notes for v2022R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for the following Qoppa PDF libraries and components.

v2022R1 Jar Download Links

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb

Version v2022R1.08 – May 23 2023
JPDF-2000 – jPDFPreflight – Memory Leak due to use of static class when font cmap table contained multiple encodings
JPDF-1999 – Exception in jPDFViewer when customer application uses rhino and calls ContextFactory.initGlobal
JPDF-1998 – Document Specific: Avoid infinite loop in case where form field widget is set as its own parent
JPDF-1989 – Document Specific: Extracted page still contains images from other pages of the original PDF. Clean up resources saved in PageTreeNode

Version v2022R1.07 – May 06 2023

JPDF-1998 – Document Specific: Avoid infinite loop in case where form field widget is set as its own parent
JPDF-1993 — Font Specific: Error rendering the attached PDF on Linux due to not using Unicode Mapping
Update jPDFDemo to use latest installer version to support latest USB key signing algorithm

Version v2022R1.06 – April 01 2023

PS-6603 – Resolve filename and extension issues on Linux when filename contains “.”
PS-6678 – JavaScript not calculating fields – Event.value not being modified and re-setting the same value after calculation
PS-6668 – Incorrect logic when setting JavaScript field.display value
PS-6672 – Document Specific: Fix image location
PAS-1210 – PDF to SVG: Add new option SVGOption setDisableGoToPageLinks()
JPDF-1994 – Cleanup replacement fonts
Internal maintenance – remove unused imports
Homogenize build number across libraries

Version v2022R1.05 – March 13 2023

JPDF-1990 – Added class cast protection and set signature as invalid if the entries in the signature field dictionary are invalid
PS-6588 – Document Specific: Digital Signature not validated correctly (Digital Signature Service)
PS-6635 – Document Specific: Signature marked as “Revoked” instead of “Not verified”. Revocation has to come from issuing CA in the Certificate Revocation List

Version v2022R1.04 – February 24 2023

PS-6634 – Unable to save document due to link annotation to a remote document missing file specification
JPDF-1983: Nullpointerexception when running Optimizer Audit Function on document with JS when rhino.jar is missing
JPDF-1984 – JavaScript NoSuchMethodError when rhino is incompatible when opening any PDF + Improve error message logs
PS-6590 – Handle null resource in type3 font which was generating a ClassCastException
PS-6604 – PDF Components: Render first page faster on documents with lots of links / destinations
PAS-1199 – PDF Components: Allow text size for text box annotations to go down to 6 from 8 at the moment
PS-6618 – PDF Components: Regression – Exception when Selecting IRT Group Annotations
PS-6585 – PDF Components: Bad focus issue when doing undo while editing a text field
PS-6460 – PDF Components: Add support for European local & number format in distance annotation length field format
JPDF-1960 – jPDF Demo Sample Application – Add more substitute / replacement fonts to avoid font errors when converting to PDF/A on Linux
JPDF-1976 – jPDF Demo Sample Application – Improve links to download PDF library jar files
JPDF-1985 – jPDF Demo Sample Application – Log File Improvements

Version v2022R1.03 – November 29 2022

PS-6548 – Improve default properties for checkbox and radio button fields
JPDF-1971 – jPDFDemo – Convert To & From Images – Add All the Supported Image Extensions
JPDF-1970 – Option to set monochrome color for the icons in the swing component through IconSettings.setUseMonochromeIcons(true)
PAS-1179 – XML License files – Change signature hash

Version v2022R1.02 – November 11 2022

JPDF-1965 – Document Specific: ClassCastException when opening documents with null cropbox entry
PS-6533/PS-5758 – Match content edit tool’s ‘can edit text’ verification to that of the edit text dialog
JPDF-1968 – jPDFDemo Sample Applications: include libraries in the lib folder instead of the jar; was missing substitute fonts and barcode library
JPDF-1951 – Documentation: PDFXConversionOptions – Missing parameters info on setImageCompression
JPDF-1955 – Many “auto” test suite documents “succeed” on PDF/X conversion but fail validation
JPDF-1954 – Document Specific: NPE converting to PDF/X-3 due to error when copying name of color space
PS-6470 – Document Specific: PDF/X Conversion not working
PS-6483 – Document Specific: NPE converting to PDF/X-3 due to error when copying name of color space
PS-6515 – Error after converting attached document to PDF/X-1
PS-6482 – default pdf/x output profile

Version v2022R1.01 – September 14 2022
PS-6450 — PDF/X-4 not validating document correctly – pdfxid schema needs to be considered predefined
JPDF-1945 — For symbolic true type fonts, use Windows Symbol cmap subtable instead of Mac Roman
JPDF-1940 — Add the PrintAsImage DPI as a parameter to the printAsImage methods
Updated product versions in POM files

Version v2022R1.00 – September 02 2022
Main Release. See v2022R1 Main Release Notes