Version v2013R1 – March 29, 2013

New Features:

3604 Support for checkboxes (FORMCHECKBOX) fields in .doc files.

3683, 3757, 2833, 2791 Table improvements:

  • indentation
  • first row’s color
  • ‘\f’ (for new page) is ignored inside of tables
  • auto text color value to be readable on background color
  • carriage returns at the end of a table cell
  • improved table border widths and location

2833 Improved support for header and footers: page numbers, different headers for different sections, drawn-objects.

2905 Support for paragraph borders’ color.

3527, 3759 Support wrap-around and absolutely positioned elements such as “text wrap around set” and absolutely positioned “text frame”.

3643 Right aligned tab stops weren’t accounting for a subsequent image’s width.

2791 Support for field type called “MacroButton”.


3242 Don’t fail on documents with no section properties defined. Use default values for page dimensions and margins. The latest version from the Apache POI library was initializing those values in the ctor.

3730 Fixed rendering issue of bulleted items.

3429 Handle empty text element: <w:t/>

3543 Handle invalid list entries referencing list formats that don’t exist in the document. The Apache POI library was not checking for this and was throwing IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions.

2863 ListLevel method getNumberText, just returns an empty string if _numberText is null.