Version v2014R1 – September 02 2014

This version adds support for WMF images which are being converted to vector graphics into the output PDF document. This allows to convert  com objects such as mathematical equations or formula from Word to PDF.

[JWOR-199] – Support for WMF images, which are now being converted to vector graphics
[JWOR-201] – Support for TextBoxes and Paragraph Border in Headers and Footers
[JWOR-75] – Tab Stop Leads not supported in .docx
[JWOR-42] – Widow/Orphan Control on Paragraphs
[JWOR-65] – Support Sub/Superscript text
[JWOR-117] – Support Arrowheads on Arrow shapes (right now the line is drawn) .doc
[JWOR-171] – Support for Arrow Shapes and Text Highlighting
[JWOR-69] – .docx The separator line in the header of this document does not convert
[JWOR-70] – Apostrophe in Calibri is causing a very large space in .doc and .docx
[JWOR-80] – The image in docxMomentumImage.docx is not displayed in the pdf output
[JWOR-85] – In docxTest16.pdf, the image of the applicant at the top of the page is missing.
[JWOR-138] – .doc – Support “Highlighted” text (apparently different from background color)
[JWOR-156] – Conversion is missing content
[JWOR-162] – Formatting problems on conversion
[JWOR-173] – Word Conversion Issues – Bullet characters come out as “(” in upper left address text
[JWOR-186] – Regression bug for tab lead character in Word97 docs
[JWOR-198] – Dash characters show up as unrecognized characters
[JWOR-212] – Seal image on the upper right area is not converting
[JWOR-213] – Various conversion issues: spacing, background, border, underline and bold
[JWOR-214] – Support for table cell shading patterns
[JWOR-221] – Footer showing up at the wrong location
[JWOR-223] – Document fails to convert due to nested table cell with invalid ‘end-cell-marker’
[JWOR-224] – Won’t Fix: Class cast exception on conversion due to invalid forma in Word document
[JWOR-225] – Missing Fonts Crashing on Linux/Mac
JWOR-227] – Shading is not coming through
[JWOR-228] – Non WinAnsiEncoding characters are showing up bolded
[JWOR-229] – Footer not coming through
[JWOR-180] – Regression: Missing Fields
[JWOR-187] – .doc Regression issue – Special Characters are no longer converted properly
[JWOR-189] – .doc Regression Issue – CharacterRun.isCapitalized() is no longer reflected
[JWOR-190] – .doc Regression Issues – loss of right margin on first lines of list paragraphs
[JWOR-192] – .doc Regression Issue – Image at the top missing
[JWOR-195] – .doc Regression Issues – Extra shading on ING6.doc
[JWOR-202] – Document Specific: Image and Line Missing
[JWOR-226] – Document Specific: Only one page is created and all images added to it
[JWOR-170] – Document Specific: Header and check box alignment, footnote missing
[JWOR-98] – Document Specific: docxtest19.docx IBM logo image missing
[JWOR-136] – Document Specific: Page Numbering and Image Not Being Rendered Properly