A Java program to convert a PDF file to a single, multi-page TIFF file using Qoppa’s library¬†Java PDF image library jPDFImages.

import com.qoppa.pdf.TIFFOptions;
import com.qoppa.pdfImages.PDFImages;
public class PDFToTIFF 
    public static void main (String [] args)
            PDFImages pdfDoc = new PDFImages ("input.pdf", null);
            TIFFOptions options = new TIFFOptions (150, TIFFOptions.TIFF_PACKBITS);
            pdfDoc.saveDocumentAsTIFF("output.tif", options);
        catch (Throwable t)

The compression parameter can be any of the following:
TIFFOptions.TIFF_DEFLATE – Deflate lossless compression (Zip-in-TIFF)
TIFFOptions.TIFF_CCITT_RLE – CCITT Modified Huffman RLE
TIFFOptions.TIFF_CCITT_T4 – CCITT Group 3 fax encoding
TIFFOptions.TIFF_CCITT_T6 – CCITT Group 4 fax encoding
TIFFOptions.TIFF_JPEG – JPEG-in-TIFF compression.
TIFFOptions.TIFF_LZW – LZW Compression
TIFFOptions.TIFF_PACKBITS – Byte-oriented run-length encoding “PackBits” compression.
TIFFOptions.TIFF_ZLIB – ZLib Compression.
TIFFOptions.TIFF_NO_COMPRESSION – No compression

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