Getting started in eclipse with jPDFProcess sample

1) Download and Install jPDFProcess sample from

2) Create a new Java Project in eclipse named “jPDFProcessSamples.”


3) Right click the “jPDFProcessSamples” project and create a new folder named “lib.”


4) Copy and paste or drag and drop the jPDFProcess.jar from the installation where jPDFProcess Sample was installed in step 1), by default, on Windows, C:\Program Files (x86)\jPDFProcess into the “lib” folder.


5) Right click the jPDFProcess.jar and add the jPDFProcess.jar to the build path.


6) Right click the jPDFProcessSamples project and create a new package named “jPDFProcessSamples.”


7) Copy and paste or drag and drop the .java files from the C:\Program Files (x86)\jPDFProcess\jPDFProcessSamples folder into the jPDFProcessSamples package.


8) Right click the .java file you wish to run and choose Run As -> Java Application.


9) Some of the samples may require additional files to run. Copy any additional files needed from the C:\Program Files (x86)\jPDFProcess folder. Follow the steps above (steps 4 and 5) to add additional .jar files to the build path.