v2015R2.10 – October 13 2016
JPDF-853 – Fill and do not stroke text highlight shape

v2015R2.09 – August 19 2016
JPDF-839 – Make Root Page Tree Node Kids Array safe to null entry

v2015R2.08 – August 11 2016
JPDF-811 – Error encountered trying to merge tag structure information due to ParentTree entry in StructTreeRoot being an empty dictionary
JPDF-809 – Regression: 2 PDFs that were rendering fine in 2015R2.07 do not render well in 2015R2.10 due to font CMAP issues

v2015R2.07 – July 15 2016

JPDF-799 – Open up new package com.qoppa.pdf.settings to jPDFProcess.jar
JPDF-798 – Document Specific: Page missing content after applying redaction annotation
JPDF-777 – NullPointerException when getting file size for file attachment (due to PDFStream filter entry missing in dictionary)
JPDF-793 – Filename issues with file attachments containing unicode characters

v2015R2.06 – July 11 2016

JPDF-788 – (Regression) Restore null field value handling for writing FDF
Added support for TrueType collections

v2015R2.05 – June 8 2016

JPDF-776, JPDF-775 – Some fonts loading issues
JPDF-772 – Document Specific: Redaction Text Not Redacted (Customer Reported Text Shifting)
JPDF-767 – Write FDF text field values as Unicode

v2015R2.04 – May 18 2016

JPDF-755 – File attachment not found in Adobe Reader when attachments are not added to the tree alphabetically.
JPDF-760 – Error loading embedded font java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException due to 0-byte name table in TrueType font

v2015R2.03 – May 9 2016

JPDF-750 – Graphics.setFont issue with bold versus plain text

v2015R2.02 – April 20 2016

JPDF-742 – Add workaround to avoid “Missing Root Catalog Error” after editing content of a PDF document with an invalid XRef stream entry. The entry is flagged as an in-use object even though this is object 0 and is actually a free object.

v2015R2.01 – April 05 2016

JPDF-739 – Document Specific: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in font when getting char width
Use region starting point when reading samples that are not 8 bit
Other fixes present in the branch.