Here are the build notes for jWordConvert, Qoppa Java Word to PDF Conversion Library, for version v2016R2.

v2016R2.06 – March 29 2017
JWOR-351 – Document Specific: JPEG image reading error: Numbers of source Raster bands and source color space components do not match

v2016R2.05 – February 17 2017
JWOR-350 – Document Specific conversion error reads: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Dimensions (width=851968 height=65536) are too large

v2016R2.04 – January 10 2017
JWOR-347 – Document Specific: Overlap / positioning issue for floating tables contained inside other tables when converting Word to PDF

v2016R2.03 – December 07 2016
JWOR-346 – Negative images when converting Adobe CMYK and YCCK color space to RGB

v2016R2.02 – November 18 2016
JWOR-342- Fix some issues with table wrapping and text location

v2016R2.01 – November 10 2016
JWOR-343 – Revert to default style part when it’s missing. “A styles part was not found in the document”