Version v2015R1 – June 04 2015

This version adds support for left to right text, such as Arabic or Hebrew, as well as many other small improvements and bug fixes.

JWOR-23 – Support for styled/complex Headers and Footers
JWOR-44 – Support for Right to Left Text for Arabic, Hebrew
JWOR-58 – Support Drawing Clip Art Objects
JWOR-139 – 6 pages .docx file converts to 9 pages PDF
JWOR-175 – ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in getLineBreakIndex Java 1.6.0 Update 45 (Java Bug)
JWOR-206 – Error converting document “Can’t add attribute to 0-length text”
JWOR-209 – Document Specific: Converting a document causes infinite loop
JWOR-239 – Fix Java Font crashing JVM in native code in JVMs < 1.7.0_55
JWOR-240 – Document Specific: Infinite loop on conversion
JWOR-241 – Document converts ok in Windows but not in Solaris
JWOR-243 – Using jWordConvert with ApachePOI library(s), class conflicts
JWOR-247 – Make Page field safe to empty “last rendered” – IllegalArgumentException: Can’t add attribute to 0-length text
JWOR-248 – Array index out of bounds exception in the table border handling code (nested tables and multi-row spanning cells)
JWOR-249 – Document Specific: Conversion breaks the page at the wrong location
JWOR-250 – Exception “Illegal Capacity: -1” on conversion due to processing emf files as wmfs files
JWOR-251 – Support Embedded PDFs (AlternateContent element inside a picture element)
JWOR-252 – Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with Numbered List
JWOR-253 – Support for DrawgingML Custom Geometry MoveTo and LineTo
JWOR-254 – Handle Word document with no section properties object.
JWOR-256 – Boxes and lines are rendered in the wrong locations
JWOR-261 – Support for Arabic text in bidi visual table
JWOR-262 – Some <sdt/> elements with data binding property are not showing up
JWOR-263 – Image in header is not centered
JWOR-264 – Lines are not converting
JWOR-265 – Images with text wrapping are coming out on top of each other
JWOR-267 – Document Specific: IllegalArgumentException: str can not be null nor empty
JWOR-268 – Fixed issue with list numbering not showing inside a table cell