Version 3.5.1 – 2/17/2014

fixed issue with transparency in rubber stamps (again)
modified API to provide hook for the double tap on a selected Annotation event
fixed issue with Annotations when appending pages

Version 3.5 – 01/31/2014

added horizontal scrolling
added horizontal view paging
small fix for refreshing when deleting image stamps
fixed bug for rendering bug documents on KitKat
added PageChangeListener interface
fix for digital signature appearances on rotated documents
updated api for setting custom properties on digital signatures
updated api to improve extensibility of annotation components
fix for using images with transparency in rubber stamps
added resize handles for rubber stamps
added api for exporting specific annotations to FDF

Version 3.4 – 10/22/2013

added api method setCurrentPageFormat
fix for a specific soft mask issue
added api methods for setting page background color
added api methods for setting/getting maximum/minimum zoom
fix for occasional issues with CCITT compression
added ability to set custom background color for pages
slight tweak to RubberStamp interface
fix for creating digital signatures on rotated pages
a variety of additional performance improvements
other bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.2 – 4/19/2013

some fixes involving image stamps
some optimizations for shadings/patterns
improved localization
fixed obfuscation of Location enum
added handleActions method to QPDFViewerView
fixed an internal bug related to a dialog
fix for encoding issue in bookmark titles
fix for issue when empty password is entered for encrypted documents

Version 3.1 – 12/21/2012

fix for occasional rendering issue for some image types
fix for adding content to rotated pages
fix for issue relating to Color key masks
rendering fix for some documents containing soft masks
fix for exception introduced in previous build
fix for a rare issue involving annotation’s appearance not being generated
fix for positioning of images for digital signature appearance
fix for rendering of some shading types
fix for modifying signed documents
add support for radial shading
removed some unnecessary classes which caused issues with Proguard obfuscation

Version 3.0- 10/12/2012

fixes for a variety of patterns and shadings
fixes for soft-masks
fixes for concurrently using multiple instances of QPDFNotesView
various minor fixes and improvements