Version 2.4.4 – 7/31/2012

fixed issue rendering documents which use text clipping

Version 2.4.4 – 7/19/2012

Changed localization to retrieve country code using Locale.getLanguage (previously used Locale.getCountry)

Version 2.4.3 – 7/12/2012

Fix for a refresh issue that occurs when zooming on some devices

Version 2.4.2  – 6/28/2012

(Changed version numbering to match the numbering of our Android apps)
Significantly improved rendering speed of some CCITT compressed images
Added support for some pattern types
Support for modification of bookmarks in documents
Fixed issues with some time/date fields
Search toolbar is now accesible with QPDFViewerView.getSearchToolbar()
Fixed issue with typewriter annotations on rotated documents
TextField now includes methods getFormatType and getDateFormat for providing information about special field formats
Added setValue and setValues methods to ListField and ChoiceField
QPDFViewerView now refreshes when pages are deleted programtically using PDFDocument.deletePage()
QPDFViewerView now refreshes when annotations are added or removed programtically
Various improvements to rendering speed and memory usage

Version 2.13 – 5/04/2012

QPDFNotesView and QPDFViewerView now use a tiled rendering strategy, which gives significant performance improvements
Improved document load time
Added methods getEmbeddedFiles, addEmbeddedFile, removeEmbedded File to PDFDocument, to work with file attachments

Version 2.12 – 3/13/2012

Added ability to set custom properties in SigningInformation

Version 2.11 – 3/2/2012

Added ability to add new signature fields to documents
Added support for PDFRenderHints.setRenderSignatureVerification()

Version 2.10 -3/2/2012

Added digital signature support

Version 2.9 – 3/1/2012

Fixed an issue where annotations were not rendering when pages were exported to images

Version 2.8 – 2/21/2012

Fixed an issue involving use of the same standard font with different style in the same document

Version 2.7 (stable release) – 2/17/2012

Optimized rendering of images with separation colorspace
Added Bookmarks API
some minor bug fixes and optimizations

Version 2.6 – 1/26/2012

Added FreeText.getFontSize()

Version 2.5 -1/24/2012

Added QPDFNotesView.initAnnotComponent(…) to allow initialization of custom AnnotComponents

Version 2.4  – 1/24/2012

Added QPDFViewerView.goToPage(int)
QPDFNotesview.initAnnotComponent can now return null to indicate that now AnnotContextDialog should be displayed
A full SingleTap is now needed to select an Annotation.  This rectifies accidental selection/modification of annotations

Version 2.3 – 1/20/2012

Added TypeWriter interface and corresponding method to AnnotationFactory

Version 2.2 – 1/19/2012

Added AnnotComponent parameter to QPDFNotesView.initAnnotContextDialog(…), to indicate the type of Annotation being referred to
Added method AnnotComponent.setFixAspectRatio() to allow AnnotComponents to be forced to keep a fixed aspect ratio
Exposed QPDFViewerView.initScrollViewWrapper() to allow extension of the ScrollViewWrapper class

Version 2.1 -1/18/2012

Exposed AnnotPropDialog and its subclasses, to allow customization of these dialogs
Exposed implementations of AnnotDrawingTool, to allow developers to reproduce the behavior of the built in drawing tools
Fixed a bug rendering a specific pdf.