qPDF Toolkit Change Log / Release History

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Version 6.11 – 12/02/2020

QT-49 – Fix an issue with our text extraction where sometimes extra spaces were added between letters within words

Version 6.10 – 02/12/2020

QT-45 – Substitute Helvetica® in Form fields appearance when encoding is null or only subset of font available

Version 6.9 – 12/12/2019

QT-43 – Document Specific: Fix Error “Form Fields with property change” when adding a second signature to a PDF

Version 6.8 – 12/10/2019

QT-44 – Use safest hash algorithm for digital signatures based on the PDF file version. Also added a new public API to change PDF file version, pdfDoc.setPDFFileVersion(1,6);

Version 6.7 – 10/29/2019

QT-42 – Signature Widget is not added when field is marked as locked & read-only
+ change some calls from Bouncy Castle libraries to resolves an issue with “No Certificate Found” when clicking on Certificate Details in the Signature Status dialog.

Version 6.6 – 10/03/2019

QT-41 – Wrong spacing / spaces added between letters in text extraction for CID Type 1 font

Version 6.5 – 06/12/2019

QT-39 – 64bit libraries were missing under libs folder

Version 6.4 – 06/07/2019

QT-38 – Rendering issue with soft mask and JPEG images

Version 6.3 – 02/11/2019

QT-36 – Adding x86_64 native libs to qPDF Toolkit to comply with Google Play new requirements (starting Aug 01 2019, see blog entry).

Version 6.2 – 11/28/2018

QT-35 – Some JPEG2000 images not rendering well in Android viewer. Add support for j2k images in addition to jp2. Make sure to update the so files distributed in the “libs” folder in the published qpdftoolkit.zip.

Version 6.1 – 10/01/2018

QT-34 – Document Specific: Displaying invalid newline “\n” character as notdef for Arial font

Version 6.0 – 08/31/2018

QT-33 – Text Markups not working well on rotated documents
QT-32 – Compile toolkit to target Android Oreo (API level 26), as required by Google Play starting November 2018


Note: Helvetica® is a trademark Monotype Imaging Inc.