Add a signature field to the PDF

PUT http://{host}:{port}/qoppapdf/v1/documents/mydir/mydoc.pdf/fields/signature-fields/myfield
(sample JSON in message body)

Get all signature fields the PDF

GET http://{host}:{port}/qoppapdf/v1/documents/mydir/mydoc.pdf/fields/signature-fields

Sign the PDF

POST http://{host}:{port}/qoppapdf/v1/documents/mydir/mydoc.pdf/fields/signature-fields/myfield/signature
(pfx or p12 file as attachment)
(sample JSON)
  "signLocation" : "US",
  "signReason" : "I approve this document",
  "signContactInformation" : ""

Sign the PDF with Specified ID

Configure the Digital ID using Preferences in the PAS Manager. The ID parameter sets the Digital ID to use. If the ID parameter is omitted, then the default signature is used.

POST http://{host}:{port}/qoppapdf/v1/documents/mydir/mydoc.pdf/fields/signature-fields/mySigField/default-signature?id=myID

Clear signature

DELETE http://{host}:{port}/qoppapdf/v1/documents/mydir/mydoc.pdf/fields/signature-fields/mySigField