Q: Do you support validating and applying digital signatures in your HTML5 PDF Markup Module? We need to add the ability to view and sign PDF documents from any browser and platform within our web-based application.

A: The current version of Qoppa’s HTML PDF Viewer and Markup Module supports the validation and display of exiting digital signatures present in a PDF document. It also provides a pencil tool allowing end-users to add a scribble on a PDF (though the interface might have to be improved to draw and capture hand-written signatures).

On the server-side, Qoppa PDF Automation Server also provides the REST API function to add digital signatures to a PDF document using certificates such as PKCS12 files.

At the moment, there is no turn-key solution to initiate this from the HTML5 Viewer yet. Our plan is to add this to a future version in 2017. In the meantime, customers can create their own solution by adding GUI tools in HTML / JavaScript and make Rest API calls to Qoppa PDF Automation Server. We can help in the process. Contact us for more information.