Our pricing and licensing model for our server licenses for Qoppa’s PDF libraries have changed on 01/28/2016 from covering 2 CPU cores to covering 4 CPU cores and the price also increased of course. The reason we made this change is because most server type computers now have a minimum of 4 CPU cores, so instead of having customers purchase 2 licenses for a server that has 4 cores, only one license is now required.

Existing customers can choose to stay under the old license model when they update to the latest library version and stay at 2 cores. They can also decide to upgrade to 4 core licenses.

The price to upgrade from 2 to 4 cores is cheaper or the same as the previous price to purchase a second license.

Upgrade Server License From 2 Cores To 4 Cores

Use a link below depending on the library you are upgrading:

Upgrade jPDFAssemble Server License – $400

Upgrade jPDFFields Server License – $400

Upgrade jPDFImages Server License – $300

Upgrade jPDFOptimizer Server License – $350

Upgrade jPDFPreflight Server License – $400

Upgrade jPDFPrint Server License – $350

Upgrade jPDFProcess Server License – $600

Upgrade jPDFSecure Server License – $400

Upgrade jPDFText Server License – $400

Upgrade jWordConvertServer License – $600

Upgrade jPDFWriter Server License – $400

What about Support?

To keep things simple, Qoppa is offering upgrade and support for free until customer’s next renewal date, at which point the renewal price will reflect the license upgrade.