First Release Date: August 17 2016
Version number: v2016R1
Java PDF Library: jPDFOptimizer

Note: There may be a few API differences between this version and the previous one because Qoppa’s jPDFOptimizer library is now compiled in Java 6 and make use of Generics. It is important to bring the new jars into your IDE and to recompile your application when upgrading to the new version of the library.

v2016R1.08 – May 26 2017
JPDF-988 – IndexOutOfBoundsException due to GlyphVector storing multiple glyphs per character

v2016R1.07 – April 17 2017
JPDF-978 – Added support for custom huffman tables in symbol dictionaries for JBIG2 images

v2016R1.06 – April 10 2017
JPDF-973 – java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException at sun.font.StandardGlyphVector.getGlyphLogicalBounds(

v2016R1.05 – December 29 2016
JPDF-933 – Incorrect calculation of DPI / Resolution when an image is rotated
JPDF-932 – Modified table that holds MacRoman characters to avoid class cast exception.
Index images are now considered black and white images for optimization. Optimizing indexed images as color images does not work well as thet have to be converted to RGB and thereby lose any gain.
All changes that made it to our PDF parsing engine.

v2016R1.02 – October 20 2016
JPDF-876 – Document Specific: ClassCast Exception when opening a PDF
JPDF-878 – Sample Demo Applications are not able to open password protected PDFs due to a NoClassDefFoundError in the password dialog (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/miginfocom/swing/MigLayout)

v2016R1.01 – August 30 2016
JPDF-466 – Option to compress objects into object streams (on by default). See new method: OptSettings.setCompressObjectsIntoStreams
JPDF-710 – Document Specific: Corrupted optimized output when PDF has null bbox
JPDF-768 – Black section when compressing JPEG images with ICC color spaces or CMYK color spaces with Java 1.8 at a specific DPI
All fixes and improvements in our PDF parsing engine, see Release Notes for jPDFProcess.