Below are the build notes for v2021R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for the following Qoppa PDF libraries and components.

v2021R1 Jar Download Links

Java PDF Components:
jPDFViewer, jPDFNotes, jPDFEditor

Java PDF Libraries deriving from jPDFProcess:
jPDFAssemblejPDFFieldsjPDFImages, jPDFPrintjPDFSecurejPDFText

Other Java PDF Libraries:
jPDFOptimizer, jPDFPreflight, jPDFWeb

Version 2021R1.08 – April 04 2023
JPDF-1914 – Improve text selection issue with CJK text in tables across 2 columns
JPDF-1994 – Cleanup replacement fonts
PS-6356 – Docusign signatures marked as unknown due to missing type in DDS dictionary
PS-6672 -Document specific – Location of image on page
All improvements added to underlying parsing engine
Homogenize build number across libraries

Version 2021R1.07 – May 27 2022

JPDF-1906 – Sometimes comments panel button disappears after closing the comments pane
JPDF-1903 – jPDFImages Sample Application Throws Exception when Overwriting Files
PAS-1098 – Auto Rotate Pages / Set Auto Page Orientation when running OCR
JPDF-1845 – Add mapping to SignatureHelper.ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHMS for SHA512withRSA
JPDF-1906 – PDF Components: Sometimes comments panel button disappears after closing the comments panel
PS-6267 – PDF Components: Comments pane sizing issues after opening and closing comments pane

Version 2021R1.06 – May 05 2022

JPDF-1899 – Regression: Slow down when reading a PDF from a URL on-demand resolved by implementing buffering

Version 2021R1.05 – April 21 2022

JPDF-1885 – Handle null font in typewriter annotation and missing border entry to avoid nullpointerexception
JPDF-1872 – Fix for possible vulnerability in digital signature validation (incremental save) as reported by Raphael Sütterlin of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum
JPDF-1870 – Error merging PDFs when merging tag structure when “document” node has no children
PS-6193 – Signature validation shows content added after first signature when we look at most recent DSS entry
PS-6173 – “Stencil Mask” with image using JBIG2 compression was being decompressed twice and rendered incorrectly
PS-6011 Fix certificate hash validation when we encounter SigningCertificateV2 (get the hash algorithm from the certificate)
PS-6206 – Document specific: Error loading PDF array copy: source index -1

Version v2021R1.04 – February 03 2022

JPDF-1870 – Error merging PDFs with tags when the “document” node has no child node
JPDF-1867 – (More Fixes) Fix Invalid Byte range in Docusign digital signature validation
PS-5379 – Fallback on SHA256 for PDF v1.5 & below when SHA1 doesn’t work

Version v2021R1.03 – January 20 2022

JPDF-1847 – Fix error when merging PDF with tags when parent tree is an empty array
JPDF-1867 – Fix Invalid Byte range in Docusign digital signature validation

Version v2021R1.02 – December 14 2021

JPDF-1846 – Handle UTF8 encoding in rubber stamp appearance dictionary in XFDF import file
JPDF-1723 – Do not use the Text & Graphics Extraction permission when converting to HTML/SVG
PS-5344 – Add white border to typewriter cursor for contrast on dark background
PS-5934 – Fix large minimum bounding box / size for typerwiter annotation in Flat Laf Look and Feel
PS-5918 – Editing polyline style is not working correctly the first time
PS-5908 – Improper handling of object streams when saving PDF files sometimes leading to bigger file size
PS-5905 –  Handle incorrect image rubber stamps created by NotesWriter Pro

Version v2021R1.01 – November 02 2021

JPDF-1842 – Null pointer exception when opening list and combo field drop-down in PDF forms
JPDF-1834 – Oracle Forms swing events & exception with empty typewriter followed by save
JPDF-1833- Incorrect encoding of tabs and newline chars when adding keywords into XMP Metadata

Version v2021R1.00 – October 13 2021
Main Release. See v2021R1 Main Release Notes