Release Date: August 17 2016
Version number: v2016R1
Java PDF Library: jPDFPreflight

JPDF-702 – Support for PDF/A-2b Verification and Conversion
JPDF-703 – Support for PDF/A-3b Verification and Conversion
JPDF-621 – Embed system fonts when converting PDF to PDF/A
JPDF-711 – Demo Mode: Watermarks Added to Document are not compliant with PDF/A
JPDF-802 – Updating XML metadata MetadataDate leads to the PDF not showing as PDF/A compliant in Acrobat
JPDF-801 – Support vertical advance in PDF graphics command d0 and d1
JPDF-746 – PDF/A-1b conversion on PDFs with xref streams fails: “Missing File IDs in trailer”
JPDF-737 – Fix PDF/A 1b conversion issue “Type0 Font Missing CIDSet”
JPDF-723 – Converting to PDF/A-1b leaves an ‘S’ key value of Transparency in the Page object
JPDF-658 – Clean Up API, Hide internal methods