v2015R2.07 – November 30 2016

JPDF-908 – Annotation imported with rich text does not export changes
Change JAR signing timestamp server

v2015R2.06 – November 17 2016

JPDF-906 – Issues with Import / Export XFDF due to resulting in sometimes importing content that was only from the last paragraph <p> element.
JPDF-853 – Fill and do not stroke text highlight shape
JPDF-839 – Make Root Page Tree Node Kids Array safe to null entry

v2015R2.05 – July 05 2016

JPDF-791 Tile refresh issue (blank pages) when rotating pages and scrolling up
JPDF-788 – (Regression) ExportFDF gives a null pointer exception for null value
Also includes all fixes present in the branch

v2015R2.04 – April 07 2016

JPDF-740: Regression issue introduced when drag and drop was implemented into the bean. Memory was hold on to after disposing the bean.
Improve tile caching memory use on Mac OS X Retina screens.

v2015R2.03 – April 05 2016

JPDF-738: Don’t remove left tabbed buttons when bean is removed from a container

v2015R2.02 – March 26 2016

JPDF-733: Fix issues with default signature tool tip (Click to Sign) and setToolTipText method in signature fields
PS-3199: Incorrect cursor and text is cut-off when using “cloud” style border in shape annotations

v2015R2.01 – January 25 2016

JPDF-716 – Improve Import XFDF to handle Callout Annotations with invalid bounds
JPDF-716 – Improve Import XFDF to handle Callout Annotations with invalid arrow point order
JPDF-714 – Don’t update the annotation modified date when changing the review status
PS-3155 – Issue with typewriter annotation bounds and Undo
PS-3155 – Issue with text box and typewriter annotation sometimes locking on Enter key
Added commitEdits() method, to commit any ongoing GUI editing