v2015R2.12 – March 01 2018

JPDF-1156 – Issue with extra space when editing multi line form field

v2015R2.11 – August 09 2016

JPDF-809 – Regression: 2 PDFs that were rendering fine in 2015R2.07 do not render well in 2015R2.10 due to font CMAP issues

v2015R2.10 – July 28 2016

JPDF-791 Tile refresh issue (blank pages) when rotating pages and scrolling up
JPDF-777 – NullPointerException when getting file size for file attachment (due to PDFStream filter entry missing in dictionary)
JPDF-793 – Filename issues with file attachments containing Unicode characters
Also includes all fixes present in the branch
JPDF-789 – (Document Specific) Class cast exception when clicking on a date field

v2015R2.09 – July 01 2016

JPDF-788 – (Regression) ExportFDF gives a null pointer exception for null value

v2015R2.08 – June 08 2016

JPDF-777 – Truncate text when clicking on a text field that has more characters than allowed
JPDF-776 – Parent resources are not getting chained anymore when one of the page tree nodes does not have a resources dictionary.
JPDF-775 – Out of memory error reading pre-defined CMAP

v2015R2.07 – June 02 2016

JPDF-765 – Document Specific ClassCastException when opening a PDF. java.lang.ClassCastException: com.qoppa.pdf.n.l cannot be cast to com.qoppa.pdf.n.x
JPDF-767 – Modified Form Field FDF export to store unicode for characters such as Mu character (Alt+0181).

v2015R2.06 – May 23 2016

JPDF-758 – Page not displaying due to java.awt.color.CMMException: LCMS error 13: Couldn’t link the profiles

v2015R2.05 – May 20 2016

JPDF-757 – Replace return / linefeed character with space character when importing FDF into a single line text field

v2015R2.04 – May 2 2016

JPDF-745 – Illegal Character 41 for Combo Field FDF export due to parenthesis character

v2015R2.03 – March 15 2016

Error when verifying digital signatures on some encrypted (password protected) PDFs: Missing AES Cipher: Given Final Block Not Properly Padded

v2015R2.02 – March 01 2016

4 bit images with multiple components (i.e. 4 bit RGB images) not being painted correctly

v2015R2.01 – January 07 2016

Added commitEdits() method, to commit any ongoing GUI editing.