These are the build notes for jWordConvert v2016R1.

v2016R1.07 – June 22 2016

JWOR-332: Added support for Top-to-Bottom and Bottom-to-top text directions in table cells

v2016R1.06 – May 25 2016

JWOR-331 – Added support for “Scheme color” property and border ln.noFill property for DrawingML shapes.

v2016R1.05 – April 21 2016

JWOR-330 – Fix issue with 2 column layout and add code to detect infinite loop

v2016R1.04 (Official Release) – April 1st 2016

JWOR-329: Weird characters when rendering embedded font in Adobe Reader at specific zoom levels.
PS-3193: Setting an invalid fallback font would throw a Null Pointer Exception.
Setting an invalid font directory would throw an NPE.

v2016R1.03 – March 28 2016

JWOR-328: NullPointerException due to not checking for possibility of null “form field data” in a check box form field.

v2016R1.02 – March 17 2016

Fonts were sometimes created with the wrong properties.

v2016R1.01 – March 16 2016

Fix multi-threading issue: com.qoppa.word.WordException: Internal – options not set.